Where to buy

In France

Florensuc products are available at all distributors specialized in pastry and bakery. Should you require more information, you can contact our sales office for France at 03 22 45 50 00 or by e-mail at the following address: commercial.france@florensuc.fr

If you are wholesaler in ingredients for pastry and bakery, contact us .Florensuc is the partner of your development and can analyze with you all the solutions adapted to your needs.


Since we are operating in more than 60 countries, through our network of distributors, our assortments can be obtained in many languages. Our quick response and our ability of adaptation concerning food colors easy our relations with foreign customers. Should you need more information , you can contact our export sales department at 03 22 45 70 35 ou 03 22 45 70 51 or by e-mail at the following address : commercial.export@florensuc.fr