Our values

Our values

Over the last 60 years, our mission has been to create, manufacture and distribute top quality edible cake decorations. This mission provides to our customers the opportunity to offer more attractive products and fullfills the requests of their own customers.

This has led us over the last 2 years:

to increase our involvment in organic products, to improve constantly our recipes and processes, by cutting the presence of allergens like gluten in our range of products but also to upgrade our quality standards in order to obtain our new certification FSSC 22000 in 2018.

In line with state-of-the-art market trends, and more than ever, wishing to comply with our customers expectations, we improve our recipes by permanently introducing innovations, such as:

     • A broader line of organic products

     • New printed decorations « Clean Label » without E171 food color, or even totally free of food color.

     • Gluten free wafer decorations